Introduction to Neuroanalyzer
Neuroanalyzer provides neural recording and biological neuron analysis and interfacing.

Introduction to Neuroanalyzer

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The Neuroanalyzer is a tool that allows for recording and interaction with neurons and their neural activity in a laboratory or home hobbyist setting. It provides the ability to perform many tasks including neural spike recording, signal analysis, and outputting signals back to neurons.

Spike Recording & Analysis

The electrodes provided with the neuralanalyzer can be hooked into a biological neuron to record the spiking activity. The Neuroanalyzer comes packaged with software called Neurocompiler. With the Neurocompiler software, the signals can be recorded analyzed to provide details such as spike rate, amplitude, and decoding.

Neural Input

Neuroanalyzer provides the ability to output signals that are wired directly to the input of a biological neuron. The software provides the ability to program the output signals so that they can mimic any biological behavior needed by the reciprocal neuron.

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