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We are a Neural Prosthetics and Artificial Intelligence Research Company
We build web & desktop applications to aid in the development of neural prosthetics with focus towards nanoengineering, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence.
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NeuralCAD provides simulations and models of regions of the human brain. It allows visualization and tracking of signals traveling between neurons. The tool allows for layered viewing of the brain with seperational transparency for easy visualization of the neural components.

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Nanosim is a development platform used developing creating nanomachines and nanostructures. It provides a listing of particles which can be selected and dragged onto a nano development testbed. Once on the development testbed, the particles can be placed and used to create structures and devices on the nanoscale. The interaction between particles is simulated within the test bed. The tool will ensure the stability of the structure of device created.

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The Neuroanalyzer is a tool that allows for recording and interaction with neurons and their neural activity in a laboratory or home hobbyist setting. It provides the ability to perform many tasks including neural spike recording, signal analysis, and outputting signals back to neurons.

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